See what some of our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences.

"Courtney and Tania were amazing and helped us problem solve and come up with creative solutions to challenges that were hard to control. Our pup has come so far and we as owners/parents feel much more prepared to handle all the things city life with a puppy can throw at us!"
 - Kara M.

"Tania was absolutely wonderful! She was responsive and kind and had so many smart tricks and tips to help us work through various issues. We had tried for WEEKS to teach our puppy to 'drop it' and it took Tania - literally - a single try and our puppy has had it ever since."
 - Anonymous

"Avi and Tania work really well together and are always super prepared for each session. They also follow up each session with an email reviewing what we learned including resources for further assistance. They really care about the dogs and treat them with such love and tenderness. Even though our dog has a history of aggression, they did not give up on her and did not vilify her. I always felt like our dog came out of class each time a little more confident and calm."
 - LS

"Stephanie was the best! Really sweet, understanding, and patient. She was always extremely responsive and ALWAYS positive. Also, her dog is the cutest. I could tell she knew what she was doing and had great advice for everyone’s questions."
 -Lex H.

"Avi and Tania were fantastic and our dog has improved immensely over the course of the class! Josie is much more relaxed on walks and enjoys different activities to distract her from other dogs. My husband I also learned a lot about how to better communicate with her during walks. Thank you SO MUCH for your help!"
 - Briana K.

"Stephanie is a great trainer. Look forward to having more opportunities to work with her."
 - Shalini V.

"Avi was great. The class was very helpful. I have had my dog for only 7 weeks, but he learned so much from Avi through this class!"
 - Samantha R.

"Avi is clearly a talented dog trainer, and he's good at training the humans too (we're the ones that really need to be trained!). I appreciated all the energy that Avi put into the class. He always tried to take time to answer questions and give advice. The class materials were excellent, and will be resources I will continue to use."
 - Roberta S.

"I thought it was great. Special thanks to Courtney for being great with our puppy and our young daughters!!"
 - Anonymous