Seperation Anxiety

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Our online seperation anxiety course offers helpful solutions. Spot on Training Separation Anxiety course can help fix your dog's separation anxiety. This course is taught by DC’s only certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. This 6 week class gives you the hands on support and tools you need to successfully fix your dog's separation anxiety. For your convenience this course is held entirely online. Topics in the class include.
How to do a video assessment Management solutions to help ensure your dog is comfortable when you're gone. How to read your dog's body language. How to create successful training plans that actually work. All you need for class is, an internet connection, A webcam to record your dog while you're away, and a positive attitude. The only prerequisite for this class is a free webinar so you understand exactly what is required of you during your dog's training. If you're interested sign-up for the free webinar today.

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